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10 Easy Ways To Save Energy In The Home

Easy ways to save energy in the home are a must nowadays, as they can lead to significant savings in a household’s budget. What is more, by saving energy you can take good care of the environment.

1. One of the most frequent ways to save energy in the home is by turning your refrigerator or freezer down. Refrigerators and freezers are huge energy eaters and consume about 20 percent of the electricity in a home. To really save energy, the gaskets should provide tight sealing.

2. When washing clothes, choose a warm or cold water setting. Two washings per week can economize sufficient energy to noticeably reduce your bill.

3. Only use your dishwasher when it is full; another good idea is to use the energy saving setting if it is available – then the dishes are air dried; or switch off the drying process manually. Not using heat while drying is a significant energy saving method.

4. When you turn down the thermostat of your water heater, each 10 degrees reduction saves a lot of energy.

5. When hitting a store to buy household appliances, watch out for the Energy Star label; also, choose an appliance that is big enough for your needs and not bigger.

6. When heating the rooms in your home, lower your thermostat reading by two degrees: it does provide a way to save energy.

7. Monitor your energy consumption. Just like when you are on a diet, you can monitor your calories, you can monitor your consumption. You can call up your energy company to request your daily consuption. When you focus on this and keep a record you are more likely to reduce your energy.

8. Look after your air conditioners. When air filters are cleaned and replaced regularly, they do not strain to take in air. The impact is energy saving.

9. Energy efficient bulbs for the lights you use the most can economize a hefty amount of energy in the long term. They use just a quarter of the energy a normal incandescent bulb would use.

10. Weatherizing your home is also an easy and tremendous way to save energy in the home. Plugging air leaks around doors or windows by means of caulk or weather stripping is easy and cheap, and the impact is significant. Your utility can perform an energy audit to establish the extent of energy inefficiency of your home.

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