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Socket Sets, Spanner & Wrench Sets

If you’re a keen mechanic or an aspiring handyman, Sunlite Hardware Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction has all your Spanner and Wrench sets here waiting for you! We cater for all budgets. Spanners are great for large jobs, but if your just using it for around the house then your best to go with a Wrench and Socket Set, so you can change the Wrench head rather that changing to a different spanner. We stock:

  • Basic Wrench, Spanner & Socket Kits
  • Individual Sockets, Spanners & Wrenches
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Sets (Spanners, Sockets & Wrenches)
  • Chrome sets
  • Automotive Kits

 Don’t hesitate to contact one of our stores and ask them your questions. They will be glad to help – we have highly trained teams of staff ready to help you.