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Metal File Tools, Wood Rasps & Hand Sharpening Tools


We use Files here at Sunlite Hardware in all of our stores because they are so handy! You can file down metal, timber, plastic and much more. They are handy to have in your home because they can be used to get the sharp edges of items that are around kids.

Some of the items in our Filing range include:

  • Files
  • Rasps
  • Handles
  • File Cards


Having a Sharpening stone around the house is one the easiest ways to avoid paying that expensive fee to the shoe maker to sharpen your knifes. 

Sharpening Stones can be used for a variety of purposes such as sharpening knifes, tools and blades. You can pick up a large variety of Sharpening equipment and knifes at Sunlite Hardware in Sydney CBD or Bondi Junction.