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Wood Chisels, Chisel & Punch Sets

In every man’s tool box there should always be a set of Chisels and Punches. Chisels are so handy to have around if you are renovating, because you can adjust timber by chiseling it down to the desired size. Punches are often used by craftsman to punch nails below the surface of timber so the person viewing the timber does not see them.





Our range includes:

  • Cold Chisels
  • Timber Chisels
  • Timber Punches
  • Craftsman Chisels

Chisels and Punches can be picked up individually or as a set. Be sure to get the best advice especially with Chisels as they are dangerous and the best quality is recommended.  Visit your local Sunlite Hardware in Sydney CBD or Bondi Junction and pick up some of the best advice around town!