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Electric High Pressure Washers

High-pressure cleaners are great outdoor tools because they can get rid of that grime and moss you have been trying to get off manually for years! Sunlite Hardware stocks a variety of high-pressure cleaners, that ranges from domestic to commercial cleaners.

 High-pressure cleaners are the solution to all your cleaning problems. They can get off grime, moss, graffiti etc. and are great for washing windows that are out of reach, or washing the car and the boat. If you’re just washing the patio or the car, we recommend the Scorpion high-pressure washers. If you’re a cleaning contractor wanting to purchase a reliable and strong pressure washer, we recommend using the Karcher high-pressure cleaners. 


Sunlite Hardware has an extensive product range and it may vary from store to store. If we don't stock the product you are after we may be able to order the product in for you, just enquire with our friendly store staff. Click here to find your closest store.

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