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Batteries Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction

When you need a battery or battery charger, you usually need a specific type and size. If you’re like most people, you go from store to store in search of just the right one. One battery supplier in Sydney may have alkaline batteries, but not lithium. Another may have the battery for your watch but not your grandad’s hearing aid. Then, if you need a battery charger, you have to go to yet another store to get that. That’s no more the case.

Huge Range of Chargers and Batteries in Sydney and Bondi Junction

Sunlite Mitre 10’s stores stock a huge range of batteries. Not only do they have rechargeable, lithium, and alkaline batteries, but they also carry specialty batteries that are hard to find elsewhere.

Need Hard-To-Find Batteries and Battery Chargers?

We have a wide range of stock, including several rare types of batteries. In addition to general purpose batteries, we have hard-to-find batteries for devices such as car alarms, watches, door bells, power tools, remote control devices, cameras, calculators, and more. We not only have various types of rechargeable batteries, but also the battery chargers to replenish their power.

Sunlite Mitre 10’s Expert Staff Can Help You Find the Battery You Need

You won’t have to search all over our stores to locate the right battery. Just ask our expert staff. They can help you find the battery you need quickly so you can take care of more important business. For a great selection of batteries in Sydney and surrounds, visit the Sunlite Mitre 10 store nearest you today.