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Tips to save energy


  • Reduce unnecessary use of lighting and install time switches. These can be push buttons or time delay switches. Time switches are relatively cheap and simple to install. Install sensor devices to automatically turn lighting on and off to ensure external lighting is not in use during the day.
  • Ensure your lighting is operating at its optimum level: keep lights and light coverings clean. Dirt and dust reduces light output and the life expectancy of lighting.
  • Replace inefficient lighting and maximize your buildings natural light
  • Replace your incandescent lights with high efficiency fluorescent lights and compact fluorescent lights. Energy efficient lights consume up to 80% less energy than incandescent lights and last up to four to ten times longer.
  • Switch off lights when not needed. Make some signs near light switches that remind to turn off lights when not in use.

Cooling and Heating

  • Set your heating to 18 - 20°C and your cooling to 26 - 27°C. Did you know that every extra degree of heating or cooling can increase your running costs by around 10 – 15%?
  • Turn air conditioning off when not needed. Install outside temperature sensors allowing the air conditioner to switch between the economy cycle and the cooling cycle, maintaining the desired temperature in the building in the most energy efficient manner.
  • Competing with warm or cold air from outside severely affects the efficiency of air conditioning systems. When you can, close all windows and doors when the air conditioning is on. Use draught excluders and window foam to seal windows and doors.
  • Inspect and maintain air-conditioning system regularly
  • Install internal blinds/curtains on windows to reduce solar heat gains.
  • Investigate installing air conditioning with a zoning system to avoid wasting energy in rooms not being used.


  • Turn equipment off at the PowerPoint once you’ve finished using the equipment. Keeping equipment on standby can account for 40 – 89% of the total energy usage for computer equipment.

Sunlite Hardware has a complete range of energy saving solutions for your home and business. Businesses can contact our commercial division and one of our account managers can visit your business to help you with replacing your inefficient lighting. Simply call (02) 9231 3331 and ask to speak to one of our commercial hardware specialists.


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